Below are job announcements submitted to ISCE from laboratories, universities, and other institutions seeking professors, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students in the field of chemical ecology.

If you would like to submit an announcement, please contact the ISCE Secretary, Pavlína Kyjaková. Please provide at least the following information: Job title, start date, location and institution, application and eligibility requirements, description, application deadline, contact information, and website link if available. Announcements will be removed from this page after six months unless otherwise specified.

You may also download this template to aid in formatting and submitting your announcement: ISCE Employment Template (DOCX format)

Date Posted Position Location
04/11/2024 Doctoral Student » Lund University (Sweden)
03/04/2024 Doctoral Students (5) » International Max Planck Research School (Germany)
02/27/2024 Postdoctoral Researcher » Indiana University, Bloomington (USA)
02/28/2024 Doctoral Student » University of Mainz (Germany)
02/23/2024 Research Technician » Indiana University, Bloomington (USA)
02/13/2024 Postdoctoral Researcher » University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
01/27/2024 Research Group Leader » Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (Germany)
01/25/2024 Assistant or Full Professor » University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
01/24/2024 Doctoral Student » University of Ulm (Germany)
01/24/2024 Postdoctoral Researcher » University of Nevada (USA)
01/05/2024 Postdoctoral Researchers (2) » USDA ARS (USA)
01/04/2024 Postdoctoral Research » University of Southern Queensland (Australia
11/20/2023 Assistant Professor » University of California, Riverside (USA)
11/02/2023 Doctoral Student » University of Tasmania (Australia)
10/18/2023 Doctoral Student » University of Bern (Switzerland)
10/18/2023 Assistant or Associate Professor » Aarhus University (Denmark)
10/06/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » The Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (USA)
09/26/2023 Chemical Biologist/Ecologist » The Monell Chemical Senses Center (USA)
09/14/2023 Full Professor (W2) » The University of Göttingen Germany
09/06/2023 Doctoral Student » Lund University (Sweden)
07/14/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » University of Sao Paulo - ESALQ/USP (Brazil)
07/05/2023 Doctoral Student » Lund University (Sweden)
07/04/2023 Doctoral Student » University of Mainz (Germany)
06/15/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » Texas A&M University (USA)
05/26/2023 Director General » icipe (Kenya)
05/26/2023 Doctoral Student » University of Bayreuth (Germany)
05/11/2023 Postdoctoral Researchers (3) » University of Washington (USA)
04/24/2023 Research Entomologist » USDA ARS (USA)
04/19/2023 Max Planck Research Group » Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (Germany)
04/11/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL (Switzerland)
03/26/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » Cornell University (USA)
03/26/2023 Doctoral Student » University of Mainz (Germany)
03/02/2023 Doctoral Students (5) » International Max Planck Research School (Germany)
02/09/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » Lund University (Sweden)
02/05/2023 Research Scientist » INRAE (France)
02/03/2023 Postdoctoral Researcher » Aarhus University (Denmark)
02/01/2023 Doctoral Student » Bielefeld University (Germany)