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Science Club

Included here are scholarly works of interest to the society, including filmed lectures presented by members. If you would like to submit an item to be included on the ISCE website, please contact the current ISCE webmaster, Rob Mitchell.
"Tom Eisner: An Incorrigible Entomophile and Innovator Par Excellence"
added 14 December 2019

Walter Leal
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of California, Davis
Title Slide of Leal Talk
"A Conversation between Paul Patrick Feeny and Anurag Agrawal"
added 10 June 2017

Anurag Agrawal
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University
Title Slide of Agrawal Talk
"Harry Shorey and the Dawn of the Age of Pheromones"
added 1 January 2016

Tom Baker
Department of Entomology
Pennsylvania State University
Title Slide of Baker Talk
"Structure Elucidation without NMR"
added 5 August 2014

Stefan Schulz
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Technische Universitšt Braunschweig
Intro slide from Schulz talk
"Chemical Lessons from Bacteria"
added 10 January 2014

Jon Clardy
Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School
Intro slide from Clardy Talk
"Pheromone Production in Bark Beetles"
added 23 March 2011

Gary Blomquist
Professor and Department Chair
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Nevada, Reno
Intro slide from Blomquist Talk
"Insect Semiochemicals: Structural Principles and Evolution"
added 15 December 2010

Wittko Francke
Institute of Organic Chemistry
University of Hamburg, Germany
Intro slide from Francke Talk