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Future Meetings of the ISCE

  • 6-10 August 2022: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    37th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Alvin Hee (Universiti Putra Malaysia).
    Meeting website: TBA
  • 2023: Bangalore, India
    38th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Rene Maria Borges (Indian Institute of Science).
  • 2024: Prague, Czechia
    39th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Anna Jirošová (Czech University of Life Sciences).
  • 2025: Christchurch, New Zealand
    40th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Kye Chung Park (The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research).
  • 2026: Tel Aviv, Israel
    41st Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Anat Levi-Zada (Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Institute).
Interested in hosting a future annual meeting? Please read our policy on meeting proposals.

Future Meetings of Chemical Ecology Societies

  • Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists (APACE)
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Joint APACE-ISCE), 6-10 August 2022
    website: TBA
  • Latin American Association of Chemical Ecology (ALAEQ)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20-23 October 2021 (rescheduled from 2020)