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Future Meetings of the ISCE

  • 5–10 September 2021: (postponed from 2020) Cape Town, South Africa (Stellenbosch University)
    36th Annual Meeting, hosted by Drs. Jeremy Allison (Canadian Forest Service), Christian Pirk (University of Pretoria), Francois Roets (Stellenbosch University) and Bernard Slippers (FABI - University of Pretoria).
    Meeting website:
  • 2022: Putrajaya, Malaysia
    37th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Alvin Hee (Universiti Putra Malaysia).
  • 2023: Bangalore, India
    38th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Rene Maria Borges (Indian Institute of Science).
  • 2024: Prague, Czechia
    39th Annual Meeting, hosted by Dr. Anna Jirošová (Czech University of Life Sciences).
Interested in hosting a future annual meeting? Please read our policy on meeting proposals.

Future Meetings of Chemical Ecology Societies

  • Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists (APACE)
    Putrajaya, Malaysia (Joint APACE-ISCE), TBA 2022
    website: TBA
  • Latin American Association of Chemical Ecology (ALAEQ)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20-23 October 2021 (rescheduled from 2020)

Other Meetings/Workshops of Interest