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Welcome!  The International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE) is organized exclusively for scientific purposes, and specifically to promote the understanding of interactions between organisms and their environment that are mediated by naturally occurring chemicals. Research areas include the chemistry, biochemistry and function of natural products, their importance at all levels of ecological organization, their evolutionary origin, and their practical application.

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Annual Meeting: Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Image of Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The 32nd annual meeting of the ISCE will be held in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, at the Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort and Convention. The meeting will take place from from 4-8 July 2016 and is graciously hosted by Professor Paulo H. G. Zarbin of the Universidade Federal do ParanŠ.

The meeting website is under construction and will be linked here when launched. A fee schedule and the scientific program will be announced when the meeting website is completed.

Recent News

13 August 2015:

Twelve doctoral research positions are available with the Leibniz ScienceCampus InfectoOptics and the Jena School for Microbial Communication. [view listing]

4 August 2015:

Four PhD positions are available in the graduate program of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, with focus on the evolutionary and behavioral consequences of interactions among plants, herbivores, microbes, and the environment. [view listing]

30 July 2015:

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego is seeking applicants for four open rank professorships in oceanography, marine physiology, and polar, earth, and planetary science. [view listing]

4 July 2015:

The FARCE group at the University of Neuch‚tel is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to study plant-mediated interactions in the rhizosphere in order to develop novel methods to apply entomopathogenic nematodes against root pests. [view listing]

8 June 2015:

The University of Neuch‚tel is seeking to appoint a Full or Assistant Professor in bioanalytical chemistry, with expertise in chemical ecology and the chemistry of natural products. [view listing]

2 June 2015:

The Choe lab at the University of California, Riverside is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to develop novel baits for control of Argentine ants. [view listing]

1 June 2015:

The second issue of the 2015 ISCE newsletter is published and available for viewing online!

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